T.J. Hills is breast cancer survivor and patient advocating that all women receive estrogen function genetic testing and improve estrogen health as a critical tool to managing their fertility life cycle and preventing cancer or its recurrence.  She is the Founder and Former CEO of the Estrogen Gene Test Co and a Board Member of Better Estrogen Foundation and the Hormonal Cancer Foundation. Her story is about how her lifelong estrogen exposure may have played a role in her breast cancer diagnosis and how to improve her estrogen health.

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When I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009, I was the first person EVER in my far extended family on both sides to ever have had cancer.

While I had no cancer history, it turns out I had a long extensive history of estrogen metabolism dysfunction. The clues to this estrogen problem were a sister with severe Endometriosis, Aunts with Infertility, Aunts with Hysterectomies, and finally my own recent history with crazy irregular bleeding.

I also had a long history of excessive estrogen exposure with 20 years on the old birth control bill, 3 rounds of high dose IVF, participation in a DHEA study and my initial excuse for my breast cancer; 40 years of copious consumption of unwashed grapes and cherries.

By the time I got some help improving my estrogen function, it was too late. I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer a several weeks later.

Tragically, I was not to remain along in my cancer status. My late father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, also an estrogen positive cancer, in 2015.
My mother was diagnosed with a rare endometrial metasticized, estrogen positive cancer, in 2016. She is a wonder of resilience and is being treated with immunotherapy every 3 weeks.

Estrogen function CAN be improved and may play a critical role in preventing estrogen breast cancer. Working with your physician to improve estrogen health is especially important for women who have had excess estrogen exposure.




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