Better Estrogen Health


When I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009, I was the first person EVER in my far extended family on both sides to ever have had cancer.

While I had no cancer history, it turns out I had a long extensive history of estrogen metabolism dysfunction. The clues to this estrogen problem were a sister with severe Endometriosis, Aunts with Infertility, Aunts with Hysterectomies, and finally my own recent history with crazy irregular bleeding.

I also had a long history of excessive estrogen exposure with 20 years on the old birth control bill, 3 rounds of high dose IVF, participation in a DHEA study and my initial excuse for my breast cancer; 40 years of copious consumption of unwashed grapes and cherries.

By the time I got some help improving my estrogen function, it was too late. I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer a several weeks later.

Tragically, I was not to remain along in my cancer status. My late father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, also an estrogen positive cancer, in 2015.
My mother was diagnosed with a rare endometrial metasticized, estrogen positive cancer, in 2016. She is a wonder of resilience and is being treated with immunotherapy every 3 weeks.

Estrogen function CAN be improved and may play a critical role in preventing estrogen breast cancer. Working with your physician to improve estrogen health is especially important for women who have had excess estrogen exposure.


Keep a Low BMI

Eat healthfully

Take Bio-Response Dim-Pro or Indole 3 Carbinol

Take a strong anti-oxidant such as Vitamin C or Resveratrol

Take an anti-oxidant, a fish oil

Try to Limit Exposure Chemical Exposure to PhytoEstrogens like insecticides on fruit, vegetables and grass (unwashed grapes), hormones in diary and meat (try more organics), chemicals in sunscreen and cosmetics (read the labels)…


See Your Physician for Urine, Blood or Saliva Testing that specifically examines estrogen metabolism:

Genetic Tests specifically for Estrogen Metabolism are available from:
Genosense (The Estrogen Gene Test Company, partners with Genosense)
Genova Diagnostics

The Dutch Test

Blood Tests available from Quest, Labcorp and Specialty Labs
16 Alpha-Hydroxyestrone
2:16 Alpha-Hydroxyestrone

*Note: Point-in-Time estrogen testing is notoriously unstable especially for pre-menopausal women.

I strongly recommend the genetic test as menstrual life stage does not affect results.

Estrogen metabolism testing has no bearing whatsoever on breast cancer risk.


The fact of the matter is that both HRT and IVF are meant to put an excess of female hormones like estrogen into our bodies. When they are successful in depositing the hormones at a high level, these drugs are doing what they are meant to do. However, some women’s bodies are better able to flush out the hormones after treatment, while others stockpile them.

In terms of breast cancer, the latter group is the one that runs into trouble: it has been proven that women who don’t metabolize estrogen well have a breast cancer risk that is 12 times higher than their peers.

Taking the Estrogen Gene Test will help you to understand how well you metabolize estrogen, and give you all the information you need to decide if HRT or IVF is really right for you. If you have already been diagnosed with breast cancer, or if you have already gone through IVF or HRT therapy, there’s still time to decrease your risk of going into remission or getting cancer in the first place.

You can’t protect yourself or make truly wise without all the information at your disposal. Take the Estrogen Gene Test. It can only help your peace of mind – and even save your life.