I saw the 3rd radiation oncologist today and after hearing her thoughts, I have made up my mind to go to the radiation oncologist who has a new machine called Tomo Therapy which allows the area to be more accurately targeted. I am pretty sure this decision is final, but I will discuss it with my oncologist, Dr. Hollister on August 10th when I return from Chicago.

I will be radiating both the breast and the lymph nodes.

In theory, I will begin daily radiation the week of August 17 for 7 weeks. I will provide a better update regarding all treatments after meeting with Hollister.

I am feeling much better enough so that I now realize that I have been in shock since March 2nd and am just beginning to understand what is happening and be able to read a little about it. I am grateful to be well enough to travel and look forward to seeing friends and family.

I am grateful for all your thoughts, prayers, calls and look forward to talking soon.

Love, SH

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