My white blood cell count is back up today and my anemia improving today.

I will send details next week after I meet again with Hollister but want you to know that My Husband, Mom and I met with Dr. Anne Moore (top breast cancer oncologist in the NYC area) today at Weill-Cornell to discuss my status after my extremely frightening hospital stay last week. She and Dr. Hollister had spoken earlier that morning about my chemotherapy and the toxicity to my system.

She said that in the many thousands of breast cancer patients she has treated, she has had only one patient whose blood count had gotten as low as mine repeatedly. She said that she would not have had the stomach to treat me as aggressively as Dr. Hollister and watch me be hospitalized many times over. (I was only hospitalized once but should have been 3 times as typically if a chemotherapy patient requires IV antibiotics it is done in-patient not out). She also, incidentally, said that both she and Hollister had studied under someone who schooled them to only resort to blood transfusions under the most dire of circumstances which is why Hollister kept avoiding them.

She said that although I have only had 5 instead of 8 doses of chemotherapy, they could consider that I had had the equivalent of many times more that based on my white blood cells plummeting and that I certainly had had “ENOUGH” chemotherapy.

She said that chemotherapy was only 1 step of preventative therapy and that now it was time to move on to hormonal therapy and radiation therapy. She cautioned that my white blood cell count must be monitored closely during radiation based on my severe reaction to date.

I will be meeting Hollister on Monday to discuss next steps and will begin scheduling radiation doctors’ appointments tomorrow.

I will stay here to be monitored until my blood returns to normal, until my stamina returns, and I am no longer anemic….and assuming that happens within a few weeks plan to go to Chicago for a break before beginning radiation therapy for a well-deserved break.

I will update again next week.

I still need prayers to get my blood back to normal and be able to walk up a flight of stairs without my heart-pounding out of my chest so keep them coming. They have certainly helped.



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