Hello. A belated Happy Easter

Here is an update on my status.

First, regarding my stress level, I am very happy to announce to all of you that my friend, Jack, has miraculously been released from captivity in Asia.

If evidence is required of the ability of people to overcome bad things, I can’t think of a better story.

After 2 ½ weeks of complications, I was released from the care of my surgeon today and scheduled to see her 6 months from now…that is very good news.

I have completed my scans today also which allow the oncologist to conclusively ‘stage’ me. The scans show my body to be free of cancer and only a few things which must be monitored.

People have asked if the scans show me ‘clean of cancer’ why must I have chemotherapy and radiation?

I must have chemotherapy because of the following strong reasons

1) My tumor was over 2 cm.

2) My cancer is the most aggressive there is

3) It has already spread beyond the initial tumor to the lymph nodes and there is…

4) Extensive Lymphatic Invasion (meaning it spread to my lymph nodes)

5) Women with my type of cancer and profile respond well to chemotherapy

There is a high rob ability that a cancer such as mine has spread microscopically throughout my body all of which would be undetected by any tests available. Therefore, I must have chemotherapy to decrease the rob ability of reoccurrence.

I must have radiation because it is the standard protocol to the tumor sites after surgery.

I still have not chosen an oncologist that I feel happy about but have more appointments to go to. There has been significant delay to my ability to see doctors because of the surgical complications. Chemotherapy will start no later than April 27th with one of the doctors…

I still have not told My Eldest Son because I am a coward but will do so this week. Please feel free to call whenever you like although I may not be able or willing to discuss my medical situation but would be very happy to hear from you.

Thank you for your e-mails, cards and prayers.


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