After my stay in the hospital, 3 more days at home on bed rest with a low-grade fever, a declining white blood count and stable red, Dr. Hollister said, “I am disenchanted with your treatment”. It didn’t sound as harsh as that coming from my Norman Rockwell oncologist.

My Husband, my mother and I were discussing the future treatment options and that was the first thing he said. After much discourse during which it was abundantly clear that there are no numbers to be had for someone who drops out of treatment…. we left it as follows….

I would wait another week and then meet to discuss whether I stopped or continued with 50% Taxol.

I called Dr. Anne Moore and she said Stop. She said that I had derived the biggest benefit from the A/C portion of the treatment at 80%. She said that my bone marrow is very sensitive, and we could consider that I had been given twice as much medicine as a ‘normal’ person. She said that I had probably derived 85% of the treatment and that she was extremely comfortable with me stopping.

My Husband, my mother and I will see her on Wednesday. We face a big decision, but it was at least comforting that her opinion was unequivocal as opposed to Hollister who was more leaving it up to me.

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