FINALLY had Mammogram. The technician was very nice.

Sonogram took FOREVER. A Brazilian technician gave me the sonogram. After about 45 minutes on my right breast I lost my temper…and asked her to hurry up as I was really worried about my left breast.

She explained, in very good temper, that I had so many cysts and abnormalities in the right breast that it was taking her a long time as she had to measure them exactly. Then I became alarmed and began to watch her. From all the experience with fertility treatments, I can sort of spot things on an ultrasound and started to see all the black cysts….

She finally finished and they asked me to wait for the radiologist. The radiologist was a very nice older man. He examined me and explained that the right breast had a lot of fibroid adenomas and cysts. He told me that he wanted me to have a needle biopsy of the tumor as soon as possible. He said that he was pretty sure that it was benign as it was ‘palpable and it hurt’ but the shape was not strictly ‘textbook’ and any suspicion had to be ruled out. He explained that a needle biopsy was exactly that; an extremely long needle that they stuck into the suspect area and cut out a piece. There was no anesthesia just a long needle.

Scheduling the needle biopsy was difficult as our insurance was changing in a few days. The radiologist was very kind. He heard me talking about delaying the biopsy and so he asked me to come back into a private room.

He said, “If you were my wife, or my sister, I would insist that you go to a breast surgeon.” That was the first time I heard that clause, “If you were my wife or my sister” …. I was to hear it many many many times from every male doctor I met.

I immediately called my midwife. The midwife recommended two different surgeons; Dr. W and Dr. S. She worked mostly with Dr. S and highly recommended her.

It was difficult to schedule with Dr. S and she didn’t take my insurance.  Scheduling with Dr. W was a breeze and they accepted our insurance, so I went to him. He fit me in right away.

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