Saw Dr. Ann Moore today with My Husband and Mom. I went in the appointment really nervous about stopping chemotherapy before 8 treatments and ruining my chances of risk reduction and left the appointment really annoyed with Dr. Hollister and myself for letting me live through the craziness of the last 11 weeks. After talking to Dr. Moore, I feel like Hollister is insane. She said that of the many 1000’s of patients she has treated over the years she has only seen 1 repeat 1 with blood counts as bad as mine.

Why did he do it? I will ask Monday, but I know the answer because he could. We didn’t object and didn’t realize how out of the box the situation was….

Now I am worried about side effects from the rigor of the treatment but at least I am not worried about risk reduction. According to Dr. Moore, I have had many times the normal dose of chemotherapy that other patients have….

At my visit with Dr. Moore, the ‘breast cancer goddess’ she discussed the following.

    1. My chemotherapy treatment was hard on my white blood count and therefore probably more effective.
      We could consider that I had had 100% of the dose considering the bad blood counts.
    2. Since I am estrogen positive the A/C (Adriomycin/Cytoxin) part of the treatment was much more important than the Taxol and that the ratio of benefit should be considered 80% (A/C) to 20% (Taxol).
      In fact, according to Moore, there have even been some trials that state that Taxol   doesn’t            benefit estrogen positive cancers.
    3. Chemotherapy was only one part of my preventative treatment. Taking Tamoxifen is and extremely important next step and should be started 4 weeks into radiation.
    4. Ovarian suppression was very important as well should my period ever come back.
    5. Radiation was next and I should be very careful about my blood count during radiation and be monitored closely.

Then she was done with me. She said in the 1000’s and 1000’s of patients that she has treated she has only had 1 with a blood count as ‘bad’/low as mine. That she would never have had the stomach to continue to treat me as Hollister had. She said that she would have lessened the dose and lengthened the time between treatments but none of that was any guarantee that I wouldn’t have had the same type of reaction to chemotherapy.

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