So, if I am not to continue with chemotherapy, the new plan of action is;

  1. Radiation
  2. Tamoxifen
  3. The IV Bisphosphonate Zometa taken once every 6 months for 3 years

When I first met Dr. Moore, she told me about the Bisphosphonates Trial and suggested that it was the only clinical trial currently ongoing that was worth pursuing. She spoke rather passionately about it and explained that IV Bisphosphonates would become standard protocol shortly.

Greenwich Hospital was also participating in the trial and I had spoken to the nurse in charge about it. Every time, I went to the office which was often everyday, I simply had no more left to give to go and find out about the next step. So, I kept putting it off, assuming that I had an indefinite period to sign up.

I had mentioned it to Hollister at the last appointment and I had told him I was too tired to cope with the trial. I asked him if he could just give me the drugs without being on the trial. He said. “Yes. It may not be covered by insurance, but I can treat you off-protocol. I have done so with many patients.”

I don’t know exactly why they are giving IV Bisphosphonates and according Dr. Moore, they do not know exactly what function it is performing. They only know that it is decreasing recurrence in the breast cancer population.

Breast Cancer Recurrence happens most frequently in the bone. Intuitively this makes sense to me as I could feel my bones being destroyed during the chemotherapy. I would sit in the shower and I could feel the destruction in my bone marrow (and bones) when I was taking the multiple shots of neupegen daily.

I am confused but mostly I am tired and will not think about this now.

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