T.J. Hills is an Inspirational Women’s Health and Breast Cancer Prevention Speaker and Best-Selling Author of Sex, Drugs, Babies and Breast Cancer: Health Benefits of Estrogen Gene Testing, who has been in remission from breast cancer since 2009. She empowers women to improve their lifelong reproductive health and wellness starting with a simple gene test.

TJ has appeared at corporate events,  TV, radio, print media and major medical conferences. She inspires audiences to take self-care seriously by telling her story about lifelong estrogen exposure, breast cancer diagnosis, less than perfect estrogen function throughout her family tree and improving estrogen health with simple nutritional steps.

She is a Board Member of the Better Estrogen Foundation and Former Board Member of the Estrogen Gene Test Co. and Hormonal Cancer Foundation. She has spent 30 years advising the largest Institutional Investor and Hedge Funds on data and research and received her Masters in International Finance from Columbia University.

Inquiries about her speaking availability may be directed to info@betterestrogen.com


In 2009, the busy mother of 3 running my own business, my breast cancer diagnosis was out of the clear blue sky. It was seemingly a medical mystery. I was the first person EVER in my far extended family on both sides to ever have had cancer.

Fortunately for me, for a brilliant biochemist and nutrigenomic expert i met shortly thereafter my story was common and not mysterious at all. While I had no cancer history, it turns out I had a long extensive history of estrogen metabolism dysfunction. The clues to this estrogen problem were a sister with severe Endometriosis, Aunts with Infertility, Aunts with Hysterectomies, and finally my own recent history with crazy irregular bleeding.

I also had a long history of excessive estrogen exposure with 20 years on the old birth control bill, 3 rounds of high dose IVF, participation in a DHEA study and my initial excuse for my breast cancer; 40 years of copious consumption of unwashed grapes and cherries.

By the time I got some help improving my estrogen function, it was too late. I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer a several weeks later.

Tragically, I was not to remain along in my cancer status. My late father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, also an estrogen positive cancer, in 2015.
My mother was diagnosed with a rare endometrial metastasized, estrogen positive cancer, in 2016 and after amazing success with immunotherapy she died in 2019.

Estrogen function CAN be improved and may play a critical role in preventing estrogen breast cancer. Working with your physician to improve estrogen health is especially important for women who have had excess estrogen exposure.



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